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Teaching Creatures is retiring on June 30, 2019!

It is hard to believe that 2018 marks the start of our 15th year in business. It has been an incredible privilege to present our fun, educational programs across southern New England all these years, and so it is with mixed emotions that we announce that Rae and the creatures will be retiring on June 30, 2019. While it is still 18 months away, we’re announcing this now to give everyone plenty of time to plan ahead, especially since this coming summer 2018 will be the last summer of programming. Thank you for your amazing support these last 15 years. You are truly the best!

Teaching Creatures is founded on the belief that people can make meaningful and lasting connections with the natural world through positive interaction with animals. People, especially children, are naturally drawn to animals. Teaching Creatures' animal programs foster this curiosity and wonder, while teaching respect for all living creatures and the Earth we share. Our presenters have years of experience working with both animals and children. Our programs are intimate, interactive experiences that allow participants to really connect with the animals and the educator.